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Dinder Brothers' Circus Stage show

Dinder Brother's family Circus is a live stage show featuring circus, sideshow, fire, comedy, magic, acrobatics, aerial arts and more! A show that can be tailored to any stage large or small. . . any event. . . and any location. Specializing in events from festivals and fairs, to birthday parties, weddings, and more! We love to come out and bring that something special to your next event. A number of acts and performers that is sure to fit into your budget! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Meet the Dinder Brothers

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"The Dame of Blood and Glitz"

Hailing from the Chicago area Miss Claira Bell has been actively performing her passions of Circus, Sideshow and Cabaret. Traveling all over the country Claira has gotten the pleasure of working with such groups as; Blue Moon Circus, The Squidling Brothers, The Boston Baby Dolls, Chump Change Variety Show, and the Cream City Cabaret. 

Having a strong background in theater and dance Miss Claira Bell is a sight to watch with her lovely vaudevillian performance style. Blending the lines of sideshow and cabaret Claira is guaranteed to give the audience a show they wont soon forget....

This Manic Pixie Dream girl also enjoys clowning around for audiences young and old, big or small. Weather it be on the aerial hoop and trapeze, or with sharp objects and fire Miss Claira Bell puts her charming ascetic into every show.






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Currently Performing:
Realistic swimming mermaid               Burlesque
Cabaret dancing                                      Aerial Hoop (Lyra)
Static Trapeze                                         Aerial Chains
Stilt Walking                                          Fire manipulation/ Dancing
Bed of Nails                                           Angle Grinder 
Block head                                             Human Pincushion
Stapling                                                 Animal Traps

Glass Walking                                      Glass Eating
Face Painting.                                     Machete Ladder
Balloon Animals                                 Vaudeville Style Clowning
Children's bubble shows



The Amazing Magic Rob



Magic Rob has been traveling the United States for over 15 years perfecting and performing the illusionary arts. Award winning, and well known in the midwest, Magic Rob is the other half of Dinder Brother's circus.  When he is not traversing the stage with Dinder Brother's Circus you can find Magic Rob performing his own blend of  mystifying illusions on stages around North America. 

On top of being an astounding magician magic rob is a member of the deaf community. He loves to bring awareness and attention to deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals about the many talents deaf individuals have. He feels blessed to be invited to perform events of both deaf and hearing individuals, and hopes to be able to continue to be a positive role model within the deaf community everywhere. 

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Jude - Stage hand and Stage Assistant

Jude is the youngest of the stage show trio. Raised in the circus since birth he uses his experience and expertise to make sure it runs smoothly. You may find him operating the sound system, moving props about, or even assisting with some of the more dangerous stunts! Aspiring performer, and rather accomplished dancer, Jude is a cornerstone of the Dinder Brothers show! 



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